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Jueves, 24 de Agosto de 2017 21:38

Embassy of Venezuela. Press Release.- The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, offered a press conference to international media, at the Ayacucho Hall of the Miraflores Palace in Caracas, which had a live broadcast outside of Venezuela. Under the premise that it was an opportunity for Venezuela to tell its truth to the world, the President ratified the inalienable right of the country to its Peace, Sovereignty and Self-Determination. He expressed his constant interest in maintaining relations of respect with the US Government, announced that the country will request the capture with red code of Interpol by Luisa Ortega Díaz, ex- Attorney General, fugitive from justice, and her husband, Germán Ferrer; and noted that the nation is preparing to face possible economic sanctions from Washington. Here is a list of 10 phrases highlighting the Venezuelan leader during his speech, which lasted just over three hours:

1. Ratification of the Sovereignty of Venezuela. "No one has the right to try to impose its policies through threats, pressures, and sanctions, economic, financial, political, diplomatic and less military aggressions”. Venezuela claims its right to Peace, Independence and Self-Determination.

2. Relations with the US. "We are anti-imperialists and anti-colonialists, but we are not anti-US.

3. Readiness for the Defense. "Beyond the sanctions that Trump is approving at this time, Venezuela will take these sanctions as a challenge and an opportunity, and I ask the world's support for Venezuela to overcome the threats, and the sanctions that Donald Trump is approving of Country are the opportunity for the definitive takeoff of an economic model that does not depend on the United States or on oil".

4. Economic Siege. "The financial persecution that we have will face it and we will overcome it, sooner rather than later, and we will be freed from the bonds we have had with the empire and empires of the world, and we will be freer still." He added: "We are preparing between the National Constituent Assembly and the Government a series of actions to confront the scenario of international aggression against Venezuela. They are decisions to defend us from the commercial, petroleum and financial blockade of the Government of Donald Trump.

5. The 3 groups that besiege the country. "There is a permanent conspiracy from Miami directed against Venezuela, and all those captured by the attack on Fort Paramacay have confessed, and we know who is funding them and their links." The other group has to do with the former 2002 coup military, The other group is that of the so-called "blue coup", which, although the majority are imprisoned, seek to make a noise. These three groups have them (USA) activated with a lot of money, but the FANB has developed very anti- Effective ".

6. Dialogue with the Opposition. "We have had private dialogues, and I have proof of these dialogues, with Henry Ramos, with Leopoldo López, Luis Florido, Julio Borges. We were about to sign an agreement, which included the participation of the opposition in the Constituent Assembly, and received We have talked intensely with the opposition, but the opposition has no national capacity to decide, they first have to see the North, they have to receive the order of the North."

7. Accompaniment by CELAC. "I am ready to speak, to talk, to dialogue and establish verifiable agreements with the Venezuelan opposition and with the respectful and sovereign support of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States."

8. Support of the Pope. "I, from my prayer, ask Pope Francisco to help us, we are victims, Venezuelans, of the same people who attack the Argentine people, may the Pope help us to respectful dialogue, to the truth, to help us prevent Trump Throw your troops against Venezuela”.

9. Relations with Colombia. "Bogota has become the center of the political, military and financial conspiracy against the stability of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela," he added.

10. Luisa Ortega Díaz, fugitive from justice. "The ex- Attorney General has been working with the US for a long time to harm Venezuela, and we will be presenting evidence soon, because the US managed to blackmail her husband, Germán Ferrer, when he discovered millions of dollars in accounts in the world's tax havens. Ortega did not act correctly before the coup evident of the last months because already it was committed, already it was morally broken".


International Press Conference by President Nicolas Maduro

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